Make no mistake, Steve Stibora is a man. His current body of work will not
let the viewer forget or overlook this fact. Stibora makes it perfectly
clear what is important to every red blooded American male, from the sixteen
year old skateboarder to the sixty year old iron worker. The subject matter
in Stibora's work comes straight from every Marlboro man's heart: naked
ladies, drugs, guns, and the like. Perhaps the most significant aspect of
this particular collection is the medium that was chosen for each work.
Skateboarding has been a part of the artist's life for over 16 years, about
the age a so-called normal kid gives up the sport. What better place to
record the subjects that a boy loves the most, than on the very vehicle that
propelled him through the horrors of growing up fighting lake effect snow in
a suburb of Cleveland.