Dave Surrena has a bug up his ass. Whether this particular bug is a politician, junkie or doting father depends on the journey it makes through Surrena’s booze addled brain, and out onto the giant canvasses in his garage that are keeping his car parked outside in the freezing rain of central Ohio. Let’s face it; bugs are creepy. Where I live, you can wake up in the morning with a little itchy bite of some sort and go to sleep that night with your face looking like Stallone at the end of Rocky. Evidently, that’s not creepy enough for Surrena, so he has decided to give his insects some characteristics that are more horrible than face-swelling venom. That’s right, he tried to make them just like us. Downright frightening.

Somehow, Dave Surrena managed to graduate cum laude from Kent State University despite entire afternoons of penny beer and his numerous trips to the campus health center. He was accepted to the Pennsylvania governor’s school for the arts while still in high school, although the military might have been a better career choice. His work has appeared on countless snowboards, and on at least one forearm that is stumbling around Cleveland. He lives in the most godforsaken city in the United States, Columbus, Ohio. Pray for him.